March 15, 2011

The Ongoing Uprising in Iran March 15, 2011

A checkpoint has been placed in the entrance of the Ekbatan Township and security forces search cars and then let them pass.

Tehran (Motahari, Vanak and Valiasr)
A large number of people are gathered in Motahari, Vanak and Valiasr. Young people throw firecrackers under the feet of security forces.

People are gathered in Saadat Abad. About 300 security forces are standing all around the Saadat Abad Square. Despite the heavy presence of security forces, the people are still throwing firecrackers and lighting handmade grenades.

Security forces attacked the people in Mullahsadra, but the people are standing their ground. The sounds of firecrackers and explosions can also be heard.

Riot police have been brought to Valiasr Street and the atmosphere is very volatile.

People have made explosives that look like small missiles which they throw down from buildings and Bassij patrols are wandering in the streets and are very nervous.

In Ekbatan, security forces do not dare come close to the young people who are throwing firecrackers and other explosives.

People have gathered and are starting to march towards Azadi Square.

In Safa Street and Imam Hossein Square the people are chanting anti-government slogans and Allah O Akbar and throwing firecrackers. Security forces are on the scene with camouflage uniforms and masks.

People have started the feast of fire celebrations in North Eskandari. They are throwing firecrackers and handmade grenades, chanting death to dictator. They also burned a picture of Khamenei.

Tehran 7:30 pm
In Firdowsi Square, there were clashes between security forces and young people. The young people hurled handmade grenades at the security forces and security forces have made shots in the air. The people are chanting death to dictator.

A protest gathering has started in Roudaki Street. There are clashes between security forces and protesters. Protesters chanted death to dictator and death to Khamenei and are throwing firecrackers and handmade grenades. The clashes are very severe.

There is a protest gathering in the Pirouzi region in Tehran.
Despite the bans and warnings and heavy security presence, people have defied officials and are out on the streets throwing firecrackers and exploding handmade grenades.

People have gathered in Azadi Square, Sabze Square, Koucheh Lak and other regions.

In Mehr Abad, Bassij forces clashed with the young people out on the streets to celebrate the traditional Feast of Fire. The young people fought back against the Bassij and forced them to leave the scene.

Security forces clashed with the protesters in Salsibil region and the first tear gas was used against the people in this area. Protesters broke bank windows in answer to the suppression.

Shaqayeq Park in the Saadat Abad region is filled with people and a gathering has formed. The people have torched trashcans and are throwing fire crackers and handmade grenades.
Security forces are trying to disperse the people but their efforts are futile and the streets are still very crowded.

A large number of protesters have gathered in Jeihoun Street and are chanting death to dictator and other anti-government slogans.

On the way to Karoun and Azarbaijan Street and Satarkhan to Behboudi Streets young people have gathered and are throwing Molotov cocktails at security forces. Security forces on motorcycles are trying to break them apart. There are hit and runs in progress.

Near the Qazi Square in Shiraz, protesters were chanting death to the blood drinking Khamenei and death to Khamenei.

In Firdows Blvd. in Aria Shahr, people are chanting Allah O Akbar and Bassij forces on motorcycles are maneuvering in front of the people to control the situation.

Students Committee in Iran (Supporters of PMOI)
Facebook Profile: Sarzamin Pak

Iran Tehran Navab St. 15 March 2011 Mubarak Ben ali its time for Seyed Ali

Iran Tehran Navab St. 15 March 2011 Mubarak Ben ali its time for Seyed Ali

Hamedan - March 15, 2011

Officials are announcing that no one should come of their homes for feast of fire. State-run TV has announced that they will put on more than 20 movies.
Shop owners have been told to close shop and the electricity department has been told to shut down the power in the streets.

Qom - March 15, 2011

It has been officially announced that all shops must be closed as of 4pm for fear that feast of fire celebrations will turn into anti-regime protests.

Tehran 2:30pm - March 15, 2011

All trash cans have been gathered up by security forces in Pirouzi Street to prevent protesters from lighting them on fire.

Tehran 2pm - March 15, 2011

Helicopters which belong to the State Security Forces are flying over Tehran.

Tehran - March 15, 2011

Officials have told those who use motorcycles to get around that all motorcycles are banned from coming out on the streets as of 1 pm in Tehran. Shops also have to close by 5 pm.

Tehran - March 15, 2011

Yahoo has become inaccessible and barely opens.

Tehran 4:30 pm - March 15, 2011

Security forces are out in full force in Tehran. Two cars were carrying young people who were arrested by security forces. Shop owners are closing their shops.

Tehran - March 15, 2011

The Central Pardis in Tehran University has been closed and students are not allowed to enter. Security forces have also been stationed outside the Teacher Training University.

Tehran 3 pm - March 15, 2011

The sounds of firecrackers and hand grenades could be heard in the Seyed Khandan region.

Tehran - March 15, 2011

Tehran - March 15, 2011
Tehranpars (first block) – people in this region gathered for the feast of fire festival at 6:15 pm.
This neighborhood is filled with security forces who are trying to prevent the celebrations but the young people in the neighborhood have started playing with firecrackers and the sounds of firecrackers were even heard from a few days ago. A person who was out for the celebrations said that the bans have led people to participate more than ever.

In the Nezam Abad and Ekbatan regions people have thrown handmade sonic grenades from buildings which have terrified security forces.

Tehran - March 15, 2011

Tehran - March 15, 2011
In Ekbatan, people have started throwing handmade grenades and sonic bombs and firecrackers and they are making a lot of noise.

Tehran - March 15, 2011

Around 200 families of prisoners in Evin Prison gathered outside this prison requesting to see their loved ones and to receive information about their condition.

Tehran - March 15, 2011

Around 200 families of prisoners in Evin Prison gathered outside this prison requesting to see their loved ones and to receive information about their condition.

Latest News on Iran – March 15, 2011

Protesters gathered in Sadeqieh and they clashed with security forces several times. A number of people were also arrested and thrown in busses.

There are clashes and protests in three locations. Protesters have gathered in Mollahsadra, Namazi and Aram and chanted death to dictator. They also clashed with security forces. Security forces have closed all the roads leading to these streets and prevent cars from passing by.

Young people have gathered in groups in the Motahari Street since 5 pm and disperse when security forces come to the scene.
They are trying to form a demonstration.

There are large crowds gathered in Salsibil Street and the stores near this area have closed in fear that their merchandise would get damaged.

The Iranian regime brought female agents who were clad in chadors to the streets in groups of about 50 to 60 who attacked female protesters.

The crowds were very large in Valiasr Street towards Enqelab. The crowds went towards Keshavarz Blvd. because they were attacked by security forces. When the protesters reached Enqelab Square, they all started chanting. Security forces shot tear gas at the protesters and charged them with their motorcycles. At about 7 pm, the crowds grew larger and security forces filmed and took pictures of the protesters while they were going towards Navab from Enqelab.

There were large crowds in Mollahsadra. A young man was beaten and people were also arrested. Protesters chanted death to dictator, Mubarak, Bin Ali, its Seyed Ali’s turn. When protesters chanted, security forces immediately attacked and beat them.

There were a large number of protesters on the street and Aria Shahr Square to the extent that there was even traffic on the sidewalks. There were security guards everywhere from 5L30 to 7:15 pm and their numbers increased by nightfall.

There were clashes between security forces and protesters. The main clashes took place in the Hezar Jarib Street and outside the main entrance of the Isfahan University.

Najaf Abad
There were clashes and demonstrations in this town as well.

Students Committee in Iran (Supporters of PMOI)
Facebook Profile: Sarzamin Pak

Call of youths of region 20 of Tehran for uprising on Feast of Fire, March 15

Tehran- March 13, 2011
The brave youths of region 20 of Tehran issued a statement calling all Iranians for uprising on Feast of Fire Day.
“Close to the national day of Feast of Fire, the youths of Iran nationwide will raise the flames of uprising and call people to join in overthrowing the tyrant of the time.
One call says: “the up-rooting flood of uprisings will not stop” and another says: “rise to hold the Feast of Fire more glorious than ever”.
Regime intends to turn the phrase of ‘Feast of Fire’ to ‘the last Wednesday of the Year’ to wipe it out of memories but Iranians especially the brave and freedom loving youths of Iran will make the regime tremble in each protesting move especially in Feast of Fire.
About Feast of Fire Khamenei has said: “this ceremony has no canonical legitimacy and carries along lots of corruption and damage and it must be prevented”.
Some of Marjas (clerics that people refer to in religious issues and carry out their decrees about the issues) in Qom called this ceremony as ‘worshiping fire’.
… We the youths of region 20 of Tehran have decided to give a good lesson of patriotism and love for freedom to the despotic rulers of Iran.
We will torch the ominous pictures of Khamenei and other heads of the regime and Bassijies’ motorbikes where ever we find them to torch the house of Velayat so that we can hold the feast of freedom and emancipation from tyranny as glorious as possible.
Let’s raise the flame of seeking freedom higher and higher.
Death to Khamenei- Viva freedom
A group of youths of region 20 of Tehran”

Khamenei! You are doomed to FALL

Khamenei! You are doomed to FALL

Tearing regime’s statements against Feast of Fire

Tehran – The pupils of region 6 tore regime’s statements posted at their schools against Feast of Fire.
These statements said that the feast was not approved by Islam (read regime’s mullahs) and was banned.
In some schools the brave teachers didn’t allow these statements to be posted.

Regime threatens in vein

Tehran – Despite all threats and bans of clerical dictatorship people are vastly buying Feast of Fire utensils such as firecrackers, hand-made grenades and etc and are getting ready for the night in Tehran.
This has aroused fear amongst regime’s suppressive forces.
Regime’s measures in regard with strangling the uprising of Feast of Fire before it begins, is defeated.

Torching Khamenei’s Scarecrow on the eve of Feast of fire

Tehran – On the eve of Feast of Fire day the struggling youths of Iran torched ominous pictures of Khamenei and Khomeini in Haghshenas Sqare near Javadieh in Tehran by throwing firecrackers at them.
They also torched Khamenei’s scarecrow.

Bazaar of kidney in Iran

Tehran- March 13, 2011
Due to the poverty imposed on Iranian people by the religious fascism ruling Iran many poor people have no other choice than selling their kidneys to be able to make a living.
On the other hand the high cost of treatment in Iran has made one million tomans much less than adequate for any serious treatment.
These two phenomena have opened a market for trade of human kidney which is sold as high as 10 million tomans.
Mehr state-run news agency wrote on March 9: “ineffectual kidneys are one the most common threats for people’s lives. Research shows that about 10 to 15 million Iranians are suffering from kidney problems without even being aware of it”.
Mostafa Ghasemi the head of Charity Association for Supporting Kidney Patients announced that the number of these patients has risen 15 to 17 percent.

Regime’s forces on state of alert

Tehran- March 13, 2011
From Sunday March 13 because of Feast of Fire Day and potential uprising on that day regime has put all its military and disciplinary forces on state of alert for 72 hours.

Youths’ reaction to regime in internet

Tehran- March 13, 2011
Internet users confronting the censorship and oppression of the clerical regime in regard with internet and social networks are taking the uprising on Feast of Fire as widespread as possible into Iranian society.
By confronting the filtering, hacking and other dirty tools of censorship internet users are conveying the calls and news of the uprising to the people using Twitter, Facebook and etc. raising more fear amongst regime’s mercenaries. Some of these messages are:
- We will raise fire on Feast of Fire and burn Khamenei in it.
- After Mubarak and Ben Ali, now its Seyyed Ali’s palace that is on fire.
- Feast of Fire is a day of combat, a day to burn shame. Light up high the fire and defeat the dictator.
- We had made the firecrackers ready but with new detonators. We’ll confront you on Feast of Fire.
- Until we reach the Norooz of freedom each night will be Feast of Fire.
- This years Feast of Fire will be the echo of regime’s fall. This Norooz will echo freedom.
- Dear friends don’t lose the precious opportunity of Feast of Fire. Doing anything else other than participating in the uprising is wasting time.
- Each bush that we torch this year, we will make it a torch for freedom. We will fill Iran with these torches.
- Khamenei is frightened and has issued a Fatwa that (Feast of Fire) is Haram! But the youths say regime is done with! With the quest of the youths this regime is overthrown! The sound of firecrackers is just a minimum on Feast of Fire.

Regime’s reactions to Feast of Fire Day

Tehran- March 13, 2011
There is only a few days left to Feast of Fire and the flaming uprising of Iranians against the clerical dictatorship.
Having a glance on regime’s reactions to this day one can see who much it is afraid of the coming uprising.
Despite former years that the criminal Friday Imams dedicated their last speech before Feast of Fire to provoke fear and horror amongst youths in that regard, in the last Friday Prayer of Tehran and other cities there was no sign of such warnings.
This is in regard with what Ahmadi Moghadam the head of SSF pointed to last week in regime’s TV and said that they had reached this conclusion that any kind of propaganda against Feast of Fire will have negative result. This is admitting to the fact that regime has really reached a dead-end in regard with the uprisings.
But still regime’s media has aghast reactions:
Pasdar Alireza Akbar Shahi the head of SSF in Tehran and Alborz Provinces said on Thursday March 10: “the parents must stay beside their children on the last Wednesday of the year and use firecrackers that are produced under the supervision of Defense Ministry…”
Tehran’s governor said: “we have three main solutions for the ceremony of the last Wednesday of the year; confronting entrance and distribution of substandard igneous material, general education and confronting the violators”.
In Mashahad the prosecutor of the city said: “using, carrying and storing explosive material is a crime. Using any kind of igneous and flammable material in a way that will raise fear and will cause physical and mental damage as well as disrupting public order are crimes”.
The most ridiculous of all is the saying of Pasdar Colonel Taghi Irvani the so-called head of Preservation of Woods and Pastures who was even horrified of torching the bushes and said: “in Feast of Fire, unfortunately some use pastures’ belongings such as bushes for making a fire and jumping over it. If the preservation unit sees such violators it will punish them and will not bear the destruction of natural sources for fun!”

Call for uprising in Ahwaz on Feast of Fire

Ahwaz- March 13, 2011
“We will start the uprising from 18 till after midnight in Ahwaz in Zaiton Karmandi region…We can organize and get hold of the streets…”

No Khamenei’s banner

Sistan & Balouchestan- March 13, 2011
Recently all banners of Khamenei have been collect from public in Sistan & Balouchestan.
This has no meaning other than the regime is afraid that these banners will be torched on Feast of Fire uprising.

Feast of Fire Uprising

Call of Mrs. Maryam Rajavi the president-elect of the Iranian resistance